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Hexagona · FW2018 movie · "Premier Act"


This movie is a carte blanche. We developed a story that was staging bags, and also questioning what is a fashion representation. Since 2018, The movie has been selected in 12 short movie festival, among them Aesthetica Short Film Festival in York, Eindhoven Film Festival, Miami Fashion Film festival.

With Too Many Pictures

Réalisation : Agathe Riedinger
Chef opérateur : Cécile Carassou assisted by Jérémy Carteron 
Stylisme : Fanny Martini
Avec Bianca Redmerski & Sarah-Megan Allouch
Montage : Raphaëlle Martin-Holger
Assistante DA & Production : Frédérique Holl
Post-production : St-Louis (Première Heure)
Musique : Armelle Lalo & Yura Hustochka